The Last Trump-Pence

Greetings, Friends! Be sure to daily review the Timeline and Sky Notes, as there is so much coming together right now! So many reminders to shine bright for our Beloved! Time is so short! And lately, it's also been impressed how much the enemy also knows time is short - and that sudden destruction is coming, very soon.

Satan's disciples are fully aware of the Biblical and prophetic instructions, markers, and warnings. They also know the importance of the Creator's celestial clock, and that it does tell time and signs. While there are certain things that both sides don't know (the day or hour of Christ's coming), the enemy is fully aware of - and already prepared for - what comes next. They also have known the timetable for these other events, for a long time.

Here in July 2019, the enemy messaging is becoming very blatant (for those looking at "who" is saying "what") - especially with a huge emphasis on Apollo. Celestially, we know this is approaching an important celestial marker involving some of the brightest celestial lights, namely Sirius and the Sun. Sirius' identity as "The Prince that is coming quickly" is manipulated by the enemy for their purposes - right within correct last generation time. They are making a very strong correlation between Sirius' rising (approx Aug 8th) and their Sun god Apollo and Lucifer/Prometheus expectations.

What has caught my attention is that President Trump appears to fit into the enemy's understanding of a timetable - even if it is just knowing (very closely) when sudden destruction will start. Way back in November 2015, our ministry brought attention to the media highlighting Trump's affinity toward the Greek god Apollo - even having several custom ceiling murals painted of Apollo in his Sun chariot - along with Prometheus (the Greek god (a.k.a. Lucifer) cast to earth for sharing certain knowledge with mankind). These disturbing connections were broadcast - deliberately - to associate these with Trump's identity. Certainly, his occult hand gestures, and other connections to the Jesuits became quickly apparent, too.

When we see the enemy/occult hands working the Trump-puppet, we can quickly see that other 'quirky' activities are not just random tabloid tidbits; they are indeed done deliberately to send a consistent theme and message. One thing that quickly stood out was Trump's gaudy tan/makeup, with the obvious racoon eyes, and clear edge marks; it looked like he put it on himself - in the dark. If you ever see interviews with him close up, it is really apparent; subtle, sometimes, but distinctly there. Now, for someone who is somewhat of a television celebrity (and apparently stuck on himself), he fully knows what he looks like when he goes out in public like that; it's done deliberately. Trump is willingly and knowingly playing "the clown." Even in early 2016, newspapers and media quickly associated Trump with being a clown - especially playing on his consistent facial makeup appearance. In the occult, the reverse-messaging would be "Sirius" (opposite of a clown / joker). Hollywood reinforces this concept, with joker characters repeatedly asking, "Are you serious?", "Why so serious?" (hint, hint).

What makes it more interesting is that Trump's facial complexion is said to be from spray tanning (or tanning bed tanning w/goggles). Apparently, for him, this is a somewhat recent fad, as he did not appear like this a few years ago. Even if it is just spray tanning/bed tanning, anybody with that kind of money would have makeup artists or better spray tanners, to blend it more naturally; but he doesn't. It is deliberate. If tanning is indeed a major part of his appearance, it goes with the messaging, since tanning normally comes from the Sun. Sun = Apollo. Trump is associated with Apollo, not just by artwork, but also by obvious facial hints. As a puppet, he is not playing Apollo; just being the signal, foreshadow, and forerunner preparing the way.

The enemy (and us) - knows that Biblical sudden destruction is coming - suddenly. Whether this is via nuclear weapons, or nuclear-like, is hard to say. But, it does catch my concern that Trump is always media-associated as a clown, and loose cannon, especially in regards to 'the nuclear button' and the 'nuclear football'. It STRONGLY appears that people are being pre-conditioned for something that is about to happen - where Trump will get the blame. To the public, it will appear a 'natural-but-sad' chain of 'expectable' events. However, the puppet and the puppet-masters know differently. Soberly, Trump is also associated with the palm tree /phoenix. He knows exactly what he is doing, and his role.

Scripture tells us about Christ's return, describing it as "the last trump". Just a few verses before that, Paul already tells the audience what trumpet he has in mind: a Roman army trumpet. This was especially familiar to the Roman audience he was writing to; they all knew the Romans used three trumpet blasts to prepare to move: the first one was to get ready to leave; the second was a warning they were about to leave; and the third was the order to march, it was the time to leave. (See our video, The Last Roman Trump. Incidentally, the Lord directed us to make this video, and post it on July 15, 2017 - 1 YEAR TO THE DAY WHEN PENCE WAS PICKED AS TRUMP'S VP! TRUM-PENCE!!).

Paul - and his audience - knew that the first two trumpet calls were intended so that the HEARER would PREPARE HIMSELF - make himself ready. At the third trump sound, the preparation and readying time was over - it was time to move out. This is why is it CRITICAL that Christians HEAR what Christ instructs - and they OBEY and PREPARE themselves (purifying themselves, and shining bright). The prophetic trumpet calls are given for a reason!!!

The enemy also knows the importance of Christ's instructions - and that He will do exactly what He says He will do, to the foolish and wicked servants - who knew their master's will, but did NOT prepare themselves (Luke 12:47). There are many things that the enemy cannot do to Christians; but he can still deceive them, and lure them into a false sense of peace, security, and false sense of preparation (or no need to). This has long been Satan's tactic - notably used by Balaam's instructions (Num 31:16): get God's children to disobey His instructions, and He will judge them, Himself. Satan knows that he can't readily touch Christians; but he can get them to disobey God's instructions, disregard His commands, and not fear their Master - with the results being on their own heads.

Satan can wave bold-faced "Trump-Pence" in Christian's faces, and many will lap it up. The immoral, blasphemous, and flamboyant character of Donald Trump also reinforces many Christian's attitude of not caring about God and His Word. It fosters and feeds a dis-regard, to where there is no fear of God; 'Christians' are willing to overlook certain 'character flaws' because they want their ears and fancy tickled. This is also reinforced and mirrored in their own life, where they will overlook what God requires - style, feelings, and opinions replace substance, doctrine, and God's Word. Satan is disarming the casual Christian - the foolish Christians.

A wise servant will look at the world through the perspective of sound doctrine, Scripture, and the prophetic time - from God's perspectives. When we know the time, we do not puff ourselves up, thinking that we've arrived, or that we're great and awesome; no, the more that we realize the lateness of the hour, and the glory of our Redeemer, the more we will humble ourselves - purifying ourselves even as He is pure. We kneel and yield our heart, hands, soul, strength, and mind - completely - to our King and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Friend, we know the hour is late. We've already heard many Biblical warnings, instructions, and celestial signs telling us the equivalent of the first two trumps: prepare yourselves, and be ye ready. Fittingly, we find ourselves in Trump's second year - but not the third, yet. (Considering when the Trump-Pence duo was announced, we're right now essentially at the 3rd Trump-Pence). I don't believe this is coincidence. Are we heeding THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE FIRST TRUMP, AND THE SECOND TRUMP: To prepare, and make ourselves ready????? If not, then we will not be ready TO LEAVE at THE LAST TRUMP!!!

Time is short. Do we live like it? Do we read God's Word like it? Do we fear and obey what God has instructed, particularly when we know our Master is about to come? Let us prepare and purify ourselves so that our heart and life is ever more ready to see Him! To GO FORWARD OUT TO MEET THE BRIDEGROOM!

Let us rise up, trim our lamps, cast off the works of darkness - and put on the Lord Jesus Christ in our life, shining for His glory! Let us go out to meet the Bridegroom - with our eyes, heart, hands and feet - HEARING Him, FEARING Him, LOVING HIM, and SERVING Him - FIRST - AND HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

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Brother Daniel



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