Grateful Doorkeepers

Greetings from the rainy Brook Cherith, Friends! Praise the Lord for what He is working at this late hour; and how so many things show us the lateness of the hour - and the importance of going forward in hearing and obedient faith.

Praise the Lord, yesterday and today, we were able to have three different helpers on site, coming together to help tackle some more of the major work on the generator trailer. It always amazes me how our Father has brought different people - from different states and countries - all together (in person or via assistance) for His group family project of launching out at this late prophetic hour and threshold to catch as many souls as possible. Our Father has not just pointed out the commission; but He has orchestrated people - and their loaves and fishes parts - that collectively reach hundreds and thousands of lives. Even today.

Indeed, while the Brook Cherith mission thrust is to impact those immediately after the Rapture, the project itself is a sign, light, provoking, and encouragement to countless lives to rise up and shine bright for our Beloved at this late hour. Every single video, every single post, touches lives and helps remind one another what our main focus should be at this late hour: girding up in His service, shining bright, and so much the more as we see The Day looming ever so closely.

This past week and a few, we had pointed out the needs and progress of the generator trailer, and how that plays a vital role of providing light and power for the many post-rapture resources that have been prepared. Please keep these very-technical project phases in prayer, as this week has seen both significant progress and milestones, as well as noticeable resistance, spiritual warfare, and logistical snafus with some of the electrical suppliers. The enemy does not want this Operation Burning Lamp project finished or making an impact!!

In your prayers, also uplift all the fellow servants who are actively helping toward this project; especially for travel safety, wisdom, strength, liberty, and freedom from hindrances. Praise the Lord, it was encouraging to see how the Lord picked certain vessels - in several different states and areas - to step forward and offer their loaves and fishes of service and ability.

One has specifically helped with the needed cable that will go between the trailers. One has helped with several other specific parts on the generator trailer. One has helped with electrical experience and lending a hand. One has sent encouragements via sending foodstuffs. Another has given the gift of helping, preparing delicious meals and helping the workers focus on their tasks. Others - across the internet - have helped send in loaves and fishes to enable the staging of electrical parts, utilities, expenses, food, etc. And many are praying, interceding, and daily uplifting this ministry at such a pivotal and impactful time.

Friend, it is so beautiful to see our Father work. How does our Father work? He works through His vessels, for His glory. And as I look at the various faces and names of those that He has brought across our paths, I can see our Father's hand all over the servants assembled in His service.

"Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity." - Ephesians 6:24

No deed, truly done for our Father, ever escapes His notice or admiration. I am always humbled when I think that David desired - if nothing else - that he could be a doorkeeper in heaven (Psalm 84:9-12).

"Behold, O God our shield, and look upon the face of thine anointed.
For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.
For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.
O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee."

Friend, do we take joy in being in His service - even if we get the inestimable privilege of being a 'doorkeeper' for The King of Kings? Or does our heart well up with loving gratitude that He would so mercifully give us such responsibility to serve in His courts? To serve in His army. To serve in His embassies...

There's a thousand and one things, right now, that our mind and spirit can be preoccupied and consumed with at this late hour. There's a lot of distractions that the enemy is propagating across the news, television, and social media, to steal your attention away from what matters: that our redemption draweth nigh. That The Day is so rapidly approaching. Do not be surprised that the enemy seems to pile on so many distracting subjects to consume your time, your energy, your passion, your strength, and even your heart - instead of being sober, vigilant, and attentive to being ready when your Beloved King arrives.

Yesterday night, we stayed up super late, around the kitchen table, just fellowshipping and talking about so many things going on right now. And the Lord used it to emphasize what our top priority for this late hour is: BE SOBER (I Thess 5:6,8; Titus 2:12, I Peter 1:13,4:7;5:8). Be grounded on what really matters when you know your Lord is about to appear. Set aside the weights, social matters, disturbing news - and whatever keeps you from focusing squarely on your King's command: be found girded in His service - and like the wise virgins - shining bright as you go out to meet and draw nigh to Him.

Christ does not want to find us consumed with every iota of what is transpiring in the panic-of-the-hour; He wants to find us sober minded, vigilant against distractions, and laser-sharp focus on what He wants us to be doing. As we strive to be found in His service, let us set aside whatever - whatever - distracts us from the urgent service and fellowship with Him at this late hour.

We have heard so many trumpet calls at midnight, calling us to the command: Go. Ye. Out. To meet Him! So let us rise up - and leave whatever tugs at us to linger - and let us trim our lamps to draw nigh to Him with a true and concentrated heart. Going forward in faithful obedience: HEARING Him, HEEDING Him, LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE! Grateful doorkeepers, in His service, till He comes!

Brother Daniel



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