Looking Up at the Clock!

Greetings, Friends! I hope you have been going outside at night, and looking up and lifting up your heads! Many people have questions about the calendar time - but we can look up and see what sign time it is, very clearly! We can see a day approaching, declared in the heavens, and in a pictorial choreograph that is universal in language. I was reflecting today on how Scorpius is one of the few constellations that the stars actually closely resemble what it depicts; very easy to spot: the scorpion, with Jupiter the King planet right over it.

Yesterday, on Sept 29th, the new moon was sighted in Israel, marking the start of the 8th Biblical month - and a further reminder to be looking up! Keep yer eyes peeled for the waxing moon, in the night skies as you look up - a reminder of this 8th month! It should also catch our attention that the 8th month was associated with Scorpius (along with Ophiuchus)! So, here we are, seeing a day approaching, when Christ will start making His enemies His footstool - and we see this clearly visible sign depicting the very same - right in a month even associated with this constellation!

As always, be sure to check out the Timeline, to be reviewing all that is coming together right now! Of course, it needs to catch our attention that the signs that we see in the heavens will not be visible for much longer at all. This depiction in the heavens will only be visible for just a few more weeks! The peak visibility of this sign will start waning - right in the middle of this Scorpius month! While you can start seeing Jupiter and Antares about 30 minutes after sunset, you really need to wait till almost an hour after sunset, to really see all the fainter stars of Scorpius.

Today, I was checking through Stellarium, to see how much longer this complete picture would be 1) visible, and 2) strongly seen. As you can see in the chart (and may have noticed when looking up, lately), Scorpius and Jupiter start setting below the horizon earlier and earlier each day - as the Sun gets closer to that spot along the line. It won't be too long before the Sun is starting to cover Scorpius, and you won't see it or Jupiter for several weeks!

Also, keep in mind that Jupiter is moving, too! By the end of this Scorpius month, Jupiter will be reaching - and about to pass the right leg of Ophiuchus - and the tail of Scorpius! This celestial sign will pretty much wrap up in this Scorpius month! When we see a day approaching, we also see that there is a set timeframe where this is declared, and where it should be expected that it is fulfilled. Just like the Wise Men saw the celestial events in real-time (birth of the Messiah, and later Him in His mother's arms), we also have the expectation that the heavens are declaring that He is about to make His enemies His footstool!

We also see - in this 8th month, just past the feast of Tabernacles - we are in the departure time where people were heading back to their permanent homes, after dissolving and tearing down their temporary abodes during the feast. We are also reminded that is was common knowledge that some people would be traveling until the 7th of the 8th month - because they lived near the Euphrates River. When we consider the Wise Men parallels, it catches our attention that even though the Wise Men departed before Herod's decree, they would still be on the road till about the same timeframe - because they apparently lived in the region near the Euphrates River! So many parallels, nuggets, and timeframes when we know the time, and how it goes with the celestial signs (Gen 1:14)!!

When we look up, and lift up our heads, we also see that currently Jupiter is about the middle of Scorpius' main star body (not including Libra claws). The treading is expected - and strongest - in this region, not necessarily the tail portion. Toward the end of this month, Jupiter will be near the tip of the tail, which (by itself) is weak, if depicting a complete treading. Right now, Jupiter is 1) seen very easily above the entire scorpion, 2) about the middle of that star cluster, 3) still between the feet of Ophiuchus, but closing in on the right foot. On Oct 10th, Jupiter will be in the same location where it shined the brightest (reached opposition) on June 9th, 2019 - drawing our attention to the right foot that was bruised by the scorpion before... For about the next two weeks, you will still be able to see this entire celestial story; but time is running out!

Indeed, Friend, so much is telling us to look up with great expectation NOW! TODAY! We know the Lord has brought us to this amazing place and sign - while also bringing us on an incredible learning journey. We have also seen His hand mightily at work - right in parallel with our expectation and hope. Verily, we know that right NOW the celestial signs and warnings are strongly telling us LOOK UP! FOR YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH!!

Friend, so much is telling me that time is super short. We go forward day by day, and hour by hour - expecting Him at any moment; especially because of all that He is declaring right now. Right now, the sign - highlighted by Jupiter the longest sign of this learning journey and story - is declared very strongly. We see the day approaching. LET US rise up, look up, listen up, trim up, gird up, brighten up, and lifting up - drawing nigh to our coming Redeemer: LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

Brother Daniel



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