Why I do not believe the official story about Sandy Hook Massacre

By Daniel Valles, 12/18/2012


Ever since I heard this story unfold, I have been suspicious, especially as the official story fully came apparent. The changing story, disappearing segments of the story, and logical fallacies, in addition to circumstantial evidence of past staged events, leads me to believe that this is a symbolic false flag event. I'll update this as new thoughts, corrections, and considerations come to my attention.

Thoughts to consider...

  • There are multiple early accounts (albeit being scrubbed from mainstream record) of a second gunman. This link has a good compilation of the accounts and early news links.
  • According to the official story, the gunman carried four handguns into the school. However, the supposed gunman's rifle was found in the trunk of his mom's car after the event. Also, the Medical Examiner confirmed that all of the wounds were caused by a rifle.
  • Even though the 'official' gunman had mental problem (Asperger's), and it does include violent outbursts, and other physical and verbal harm, it "typically does not include planned, intentional violence." What occurred requires more calculated planning. His 'violence' was more temper tantrum, just more noticeable since he is (physically) an adult and has more strength than a toddler. Considering that he got a 3.26 GPA in university classes in Danbury, and was considered by classmates as happy and very smart, he wasn't a mental basket case.
  • Almost every single eye-witness of a massacre in a school is dead (except one little boy and girl). Normally, there should be dozens of witnesses (and wounded), who could confirm a single shooter. The efficiency in the killing is more trademark for military training. Hundreds of rounds were fired in just a short time, each victim shot at least once. A mental impaired young adult would have wounded more people than killed.

Disturbing coincidences that make you go hmmmm....

  • Suzanne Collins, the author of 'The Hunger Games', resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Her book is essentially about the ritual killing of 23 children. I suspect the link is symbolic, and not related to the author.
  • Hurricane Sandy, which 'hooked' dramatically inland, happened recently.
  • Peter Lanza is employed by GE Financial/GE Capital as VP and Tax Director (this guy knows the books). His employer is heavily involved in the Libor scandal. Peter's job position does bring up concern about involvement or knowledge. This point is still speculation, though still with reasonable cause. Three GE Capital executives have already gone to jail over this scandal.
  • 11 days before Christmass.
  • Some of the children were shot 11 times.
  • Someone who wears body armor is generally afraid of dying.
  • This occurred within a 13-day window of winter solstice, Dec. 21st.

My two cents about what happened...

Adam and his mom were shot at home, Adam drugged and taken to scene. Adam's body was taken to the scene of the crime, where a different shooter (one who could kill quickly with military precision) carried out the massacre. Police responded a bit quicker than anticipated and the 'second gunman' was taken into custody and hence disappeared.

My two cents about why it happened...

To send a strong message throughout all media to all of those intimately involved in the Libor scandal that not only is their family and loved ones at risk, but there is no hesitation to hurt the innocent, either. In other words, keep your lips sealed if you know what is good for you. It can also make the father look like an unreliable witness, should he be required to testify. When you start looking at even the mainstream media stories about the scope of the Libor scandal, you will start to see the incredible scope of potential impact.

Your objections...

"But who would kill little kids for this?"
Hopefully you wouldn't, but the Libor scandal encompasses $800 trillion dollars. Many people would kill someone for $800.




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