Disaster Crash Course is here to provide valuable information and first-hand knowledge intended to educate you on how to prudently mitigate your next crisis situation.

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Research Lab

Here in the Research Lab we try to test first-hand various techniques and find the best and easiest approach to simple, but important, processes. These are on-going projects, so keeping checking for the latest progress!

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New Research Lab Undergoing Shake-Down Cruise!

By Daniel Valles, Posted to Editor's Blog: 06/26/2014

Praise the Lord, we finally have the new Disaster Crash Course Research Lab ready for live testing! There is soooo much information that we will be drawing from what we already have here! I’m so excited! Already we are laying out the next two (yes, two!) Digests, and their focus will be entirely medical related. Digest Vol. II will be a quick-reference on basic first aid, including a good mix of herbal methods, and alternative solutions for disaster or austere conditions. Digest Vol. III will focus entirely on the infrastructure and component needs of establishing a simple medical clinic under austere situations, and alternative methods for when resupply is sparse. There is plenty of information out there on actual medical procedures under limiting circumstances, but there is not much in the way of addressing the facilities. Keep your eyes open, because we will be posting more updates soon!


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Develop an alternative way to cook/boil as a means to reduce funds spent on cooking fuels, or for in an area where such fuels may be hard to obtain, such as a remote medical clinic.


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