Time and Tomorrowland

By Daniel Valles, Posted to Editor's Blog: 07/24/2015

The Bible tells us that two realities exist side by side - the seen and the unseen - the spiritual and the physical. Is this the pattern being shown in the recent Disney Tomorrowland film? What city are you looking for? Check out the article Time and Tomorrowland.

Update: A printable PDF version is now available in the article.

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‘Abortion pill’ legalised in Canada
07/31/2015, bbc.com
The pill causes a medically induced abortion earlier in the pregnancy than most surgical abortions. ...the Linepharma pharmaceutical company has been told they can begin production of the pill, which will be sold under the brand name Mifegymiso.
“What lion?” Zimbabweans ask, amid global Cecil circus
07/31/2015, af.reuters.com
"What lion?" acting information minister Prisca Mupfumira asked in response to a request for comment about Cecil, who was at that moment topping global news bulletins and generating reams of abuse for his killer on websites in the United States and Europe.
Six injured in knife attack at Jerusalem gay pride parade
07/30/2015, latimes.com
The attack drew condemnation from human rights activists, religious leaders and government officials across the political spectrum.
New Undercover Video Reveals Planned Parenthood Willing to Sell Organs From Delivered Babi
07/30/2015, townhall.com
...showing Planned Parenthood Vice President of the Rocky Mountains and Medical Director Dr. Savita Ginde discussing how babies that are "delivered before procedure," aka born alive, are used to harvest "intact" organs.
Is Planned Parenthood Lying About It’s Web Site Being Hacked? Possible Publicity Stunt?
07/30/2015, lifenews.com
A top official with Human Life International agrees: “It’s interesting that Planned Parenthood’s ‘education’ page has been taken down, but it was replaced by a clever and perfectly functioning action page, a ‘spontaneous’ marketing strategy, and their donation page seems to be working just fine. This is vintage Planned Parenthood – strategy without truth, and it’s all about the money.”
Court bars anti-abortion group from releasing new videos of Calif. company officials
07/30/2015, foxnews.com
The Los Angeles Superior Court order issued Tuesday prohibits the Center for Medical Progress from releasing any video of three high-ranking StemExpress officials taken at a restaurant in May. It appears to be the first legal action prohibiting the release of a video from the organization. ...In a statement Wednesday, center leader David Daleiden said StemExpress was using "meritless litigation" to cover up an "illegal baby parts trade."
Hillary Clinton on Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies: “They Do Really Good Work”
07/29/2015, lifenews.com
...calling the three undercover videos showing the abortion company selling body parts from aborted babies “disturbing” but saying “they do really good work.” ...That’s like saying that pictures of the Holocaust are disturbing, while permitting the Holocaust to continue...
Nets Covered Cecil the Lion More in 1 Day Than Abortion Videos in 2 Weeks
07/29/2015, breitbart.com
...highlighted the “very disturbing story” with “international outrage” before turning to ABC correspondent David Wright for the full story on the lion-shooting by an American, now, according to Wright, “pretty much the most hated man on the internet.” “There are no words,” Spencer added at the end of the segment. Again, we’re talking about a lion. For CBS’ This Morning, co-anchor Gayle King commented, “The more you hear about it, the more upsetting it is.” For the shooting of a lion, yes. For the weekly videos exposing the trafficking of baby parts, no.
Earthquake Magnitude 6.3 Hits South Central Alaska; Tremors Felt Miles Away
07/29/2015, morningnewsusa.com
Michael West, a seismologist at the Alaska Earthquake Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, said, “It’s deep — that’s important. That means the shaking was not as strong, but spread widely.” ...the quake was powerful enough to cause tremors that could be felt as far as the port of Valdez, which is about 240 miles northeast of the epicenter.
Planned Parenthood Begs Media: Stop Covering Our Scandal
07/29/2015, townhall.com
...Senate Democrats are predictably lining up to oppose the bill, led by the contemptible Harry Reid ..."Good luck," Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said of the uphill Republican drive to garner the 60 of 100 Senate votes they will need to cut off Planned Parenthood's money.
Nationwide Boycott Called As Boy Scouts Of America Adopt The LGBT Agenda
07/29/2015, nowtheendbegins.com
Where is the voice of the Christian Church in this nation to rise up and condemn this? I’ll tell you why, because the useless, silent, end times Laodicean Christian Church is too busy “asking for blessings” instead of standing on the Bible.
Attackers Who Beat Pregnant Teen and Burnt Her Stillborn Baby on Their Grill Not Charged With Murder
07/29/2015, lifenews.com
Currently, in the United States 37 states have some form of unborn victims law in place with 29 states offering full protection for unborn babies killed or injured in violent crimes.
Chinese stocks destroy $39.8B in U.S. wealth
07/28/2015, usatoday.com
The Chinese stock implosion is starting to get serious. It's costing U.S. investors real money. ...Investors over the years have accumulated exposure to China through China-focused exchange-traded funds as well as emerging markets ETFs. The pain in China is spreading into these corners of the market - which financial advisors tell most investors to have at least some exposure to.
Reno mayor apologizes for LGBT flag over city hall
07/28/2015, rgj.com
Schieve, who participated in the gay pride events on Saturday, said she made the request that the rainbow pride flag be hung at city hall but never asked for it to replace the U.S. Flag. ...Schieve had previously issued a proclamation declaring July 25 as Pride Day.
China shares sink again as Beijing scrambles to calm markets
07/27/2015, reuters.com
Chinese shares sank more than 3 percent on Tuesday, as Beijing scrambled once again to stabilize a stock market whose wild gyrations have heightened fears about the financial stability of the world's second biggest economy. After a plunge of more than 8 percent in major indexes on Monday ...froze IPOs to prevent a liquidity drain and looked the other way as around 40 percent of companies suspended trading in their shares to escape the rout.
Blue moon coming to July’s night sky
07/27/2015, thespacereporter.com
A so-called “blue moon” occurs when a second full moon happens in a single calendar month. ...the last time a blue moon occurred in any month was on August 31, 2012. The next time two full moons occur in one month will be in January of 2018.
Oklahoma: Court Again Orders Religious Statue From Capitol Grounds
07/27/2015, nytimes.com
...reaffirmed its earlier ruling that a monument with the Ten Commandments must be removed from the State Capitol grounds.
Boy Scouts lift blanket ban on gay adult leaders, employees
07/27/2015, reuters.com
The resolution implementing the change was backed by 79 percent of the National Executive Board members voting and present on Monday, the Boy Scouts said. The organization's executive committee had unanimously recommended adoption of the new policy on July 13, citing a "sea change in the law with respect to gay rights."
Pair of Oklahoma Earthquakes Rattle the Heartland
07/27/2015, weather.com
A pair of earthquakes, just minutes apart, hit Oklahoma Monday afternoon, rattling the nerves of hundreds of thousands of people across at least five states in the middle of the work day. ...The second tremor measured a preliminary 4.5-magnitude ...While there were no reports of major damage, the second tremor was shallow — less than 2 miles deep
Powerful earthquake strikes Indonesian province of Papua
07/27/2015, news.com.au
US geologists said it was 7.0 in magnitude but other sources reported it as 7.2. ...There is no tsumani threat
President Obama Thanks Planned Parenthood After It Sells Aborted Baby Body Parts
07/27/2015, lifenews.com
Late Friday, Obama released a video thanking organizations and activists who helped put Obamacare in place and he made sure to include a thank you for Planned Parenthood, even though it is involved in the sale of aborted babies.
NATO holding rare emergency meeting at Turkey’s request
07/27/2015, washingtonpost.com
After months of reluctance, Turkish warplanes last week started striking militant targets in Syria and entered a long-awaited agreement which allows the U.S. to launch its own strikes from Turkey’s strategically located Incirlik Air Base.
IDF launches massive 3-day drill, calls up thousands of reservists
07/27/2015, jpost.com
...testing the military's ability to rapidly transition itself from routine activities to an emergency war footing. In the course of the drill, hundreds of thousands of IDF reservists will receive mock telephone messages asking them to confirm that the call-up system works, and thousands of reservists will be physically called up to bases at short notice.
Obama visit highlights Ethiopia’s role in fighting Islamic terrorists
07/27/2015, usatoday.com
...became the first sitting U.S. president to visit Ethiopia on Sunday...
Editor: I find it disturbing that on the same day that a statue of Satan is unveiled in Detroit, the President visits a country where visual symbols of a pentagram are prominently present in the media pictures...
Chinese Stocks Suffer Second Biggest Crash In History, 1,500 Companies Halted Limit Down
07/27/2015, zerohedge.com
...overnight China officially lost control for the second time, when after a weak start to the Monday trading session, things turned very ugly in the last hour, when the Shanghai Composite plunged by 8.48%, closing nearly at the lows, and tumbling some 345 points for its biggest one-day drop since February 2007 and its second biggest crash in history!
U.S.-Turkey deal aims to create ‘safe zone’ in northwest Syria
07/26/2015, washingtonpost.com
Turkey and the United States have agreed on the outlines of a de facto “safe zone” along the Turkey-Syria border under the terms of a deal that is expected to significantly increase the scope and pace of the U.S.-led air war against the Islamic State in northern Syria, according to U.S. and Turkish officials.
Boy Scouts expected to end ban on gay scout leaders
07/26/2015, usatoday.com
The Boy Scouts of America is expected on Monday to officially end its longstanding ban on gay scout leaders — but the new policy won't prevent church-led scout groups from choosing adult leaders "whose beliefs are consistent with their own," the group said.
Satanic Temple holds public sculpture unveiling in Detroit
07/26/2015, reuters.com
The Satanic Temple unveiled the one-ton statue at an industrial building near the Detroit River just before 11:30 p.m. local time as supporters cheered, "Hail Satan." ...the presentation of Baphomet in Detroit drew protest from local Christians. About 50 people prayed for the city and denounced the monument ..."The last thing we need in Detroit is having a welcome home party for evil,"
Muslim Rioters Attack Israeli Police on Temple Mount
07/26/2015, israelnationalnews.com
Jerusalem police clashed Sunday morning with a group of Arab youths, some of them masked, who barricaded themselves overnight inside the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount.
Editor: Related: Clashes rock Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque
Watch: Architectural Plans for Third Temple Have Begun
07/26/2015, israelnationalnews.com
The Temple Institute has released a modern three-dimensional architectural rendition of the future Third Holy Temple, utilizing the latest building material and techniques.
The Temple Institute Announces Architectural Plans for Third Temple Begun
07/26/2015, facebook.com
Today, the Ninth of Av, the solemn day of mourning which commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples, the Temple Institute has released a modern three-dimensional architectural rendition of the future Third Holy Temple utilizing the latest building material and techniques.
Editor: Note this is just a milestone in prophecy that we are watching. 1 Timothy 2:5 - "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus."
Nancy Pelosi: Ignore Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies, Investigate Pro-Lifers
07/24/2015, lifenews.com
...she wants the pro-life group investigated and says they are creating a “false controversy” where non supposedly exists ...Obama has spoken before Planned Parenthood’s national conference, the abortion giant endorsed and worked closely with Obama and his administration, and its CEO Cecile Richards has hobnobbed with Obama at White House functions.
Why Would God Judge America?
07/24/2015, informedchristians.com, Daniel Valles
Four times God destroyed a people group/nation, specifically for shedding innocent blood!
Pro-lifers set defund Planned Parenthood rallies
07/24/2015, washingtontimes.com
...pro-life groups are planning rallies in more than 50 cities on Tuesday. ...The July 28 rallies are called #WomenBetrayed because Planned Parenthood has “betrayed the very patients — women and their children — who they claim to care about and have compassion for
Planned Parenthood enlists ‘Minions’ in jab at critics
07/24/2015, nypost.com
The hashtag #StandwithPP has gained steam on Twitter, with politicians like Illinois Rep. Tammy Duckworth, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi expressing their allegiance.
Obama admits US gun laws are his ‘biggest frustration’
07/24/2015, bbc.com
...said it was "distressing" not to have made progress on the issue "even in the face of repeated mass killings". He vowed to keep trying ...Hours after the interview, a gunman opened fire at a cinema in the US state of Louisiana...
Kerry: If Congress rejects Iran deal, world will blame Israel
07/24/2015, haaretz.com
...told the Council on Foreign Relations think tank on Friday that should Congress rejects the nuclear deal with Iran, Israel might find itself more isolated and "more blamed by the international community." Also on Friday, Kerry said in an interview with NBC that it would be a "huge mistake" for Israel to take unilateral military action against Iran.


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