Ebola Update

By Daniel Valles, Posted to Editor's Blog: 10/04/2014

I have been watching the Ebola situation as it unravels in the US media. As I have stated a few months ago, with my Ebola Report, I am extremely suspect of the storyline that we are being given. It appears that the events are not some massive bungling exercise in ineptitude, but it is rather proceeding with foreknowledge and malice aforethought. Be very wary of any proposed federal solutions - or even ones they sanction; these can come in the form of allowing a problem to fester until the public demands harsh action.

I highly suggest you download our Disaster Crash Course Vol II: Establishing a Disaster Medical Center (share the link with others!), print it out, and start accumulating related key supplies that may be needed if your regional medical centers are overloaded, or are possibly ruled out as being a safe option. Whatever you do, at least download and print out the reference guide so that you will have the knowledge; the rest can be improvised if need be. The resource may also be a benefit to others in your community or church as well.

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Recent News...

Growing Changes of Flares
10/20/2014, spaceweather.com
Big sunspot AR2192 has grown even bigger, spreading across 1/3rd more solar terrain today than it did yesterday. ...On Oct. 20th, NOAA forecasters boosted the odds of an M-class flare to 60% and an X-flare to 20%. ...The next X-flare, if one occurs, will be even more geoeffective as the sunspot turns toward Earth.
Texas Officials Clear 43 People After Ebola Monitoring
10/20/2014, nytimes.com
...the 43 were part of an initial 48 people who were being monitored because they had contact with Mr. Duncan before he was admitted to the hospital on Sept. 28. ...About 120 more people continue to be monitored for symptoms.
Fort Campbell Troops On Ebola Mission Won’t Get Full Protective Gear
10/19/2014, nashvillepublicradio.org
“They don’t need the whole suit – as such – because they’re not going to be in contact with any of the people,” the commander of U.S. troops in Africa said. ...will primarily be building hospitals, ultimately leading what could be a contingent of 4,000 American service members.
Obama Golfs For 4 Hours… Saturday, Then Holds Nighttime Ebola Meeting—Which New Ebola Czar Skips!
10/19/2014, breitbart.com
It's the second meeting in as many days on Ebola that Klain hasn’t attended after being appointed into the position on Friday.
Editor: It's deliberate. It's planned. It's intentional. All of it.
X1-Class Solar Flare
10/19/2014, spaceweather.com
Behemoth sunspot AR2192 has unleashed an X1-class solar flare. ...More X-flares are likely as AR2192 turns toward Earth in the days ahead.
Texas lab worker on cruise tests negative for Ebola
10/19/2014, youtube.com
...has tested negative for the disease, and in Texas some of the dozens of people still being monitored were expected to be cleared on Sunday and Monday. ...On Sunday and Monday, more were expected to end 21 days of monitoring for fever and other symptoms.
Dallas Hospital Had the Ebola Screening Machine That the Military Is Using in Africa
10/18/2014, defenseone.com
...can screen for the genetic markers of a wide number of respiratory, gastro-intestinal and other illness, including Ebola, but only with the right “kit” in place. Current FDA guidelines would not have allowed Dallas Presbyterian Hospital to get that kit. ...it’s one of the machines that the military is currently using to screen for Ebola in Africa. ...BioFire Diagnostics, a Utah-based firm that produces disease detection technology, confirmed that the Dallas Presbyterian Hospital did in fact have one of the machines (possibly for as long as two years) sitting on the shelf when Duncan came in.
Hamas holds Gaza rally to ‘defend’ Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa
10/17/2014, news.yahoo.com
Hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza participated in a Hamas-organised rally Friday over Jerusalem's flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque ...The rally was also attended by other Palestinian factions, including the militant Islamic Jihad.
A Behemoth Sunspot Emerges
10/17/2014, spaceweather.com
The sunspot's primary dark core could swallow our entire planet with room to spare. This sunspot could cause a sharp increase in solar activity over the weekend.
Here’s a Look at Comet Siding Spring Two Days Before its Encounter with Mars
10/17/2014, universetoday.com
The excitement continues to build as Comet Siding Spring rapidly approaches the Red Planet ...The comet will come within 139,500 km (86,000 miles) [about 1/3rd the distance between Earth and the Moon] above the [Mar's] planet’s surface on Sunday.
How to Watch Next Week’s Partial Solar Eclipse Safely
10/17/2014, nbcnews.com
Millions of people across North America could have a chance to observe a partial solar eclipse next week, weather permitting.
#StopEbolaStrike: National Strike to Force Obama to Block West African Flights
10/17/2014, infowars.com
Infowars.com is calling for a general strike across the United States in response to the federal government’s botched response to the Ebola outbreak and the Obama administration’s refusal to block flights coming in from West Africa.
Editor: I am NOT a fan of Infowars or Alex Jones - NOR am I a fan of this idea. This is a problem-reaction - create a problem to where the people beg for the reaction. With all of the suspicious activity heretofore regarding ebola, this does seem to be rather 'convenient' - and pointless on top of that.
Ebola Terror In The Skies: Nigerian Man Vomits, Dies On Flight To JFK
10/17/2014, dailycaller.com
The incident understandably alarmed passengers and crew alike. New York Republican Congressman Peter King immediately fired off a letter to the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection (CBP) demanding to know how CDC officials were able to make such a determination so quickly. ...after a “cursory examination,” officials gave the all clear.
12.0 Earthquake?
10/17/2014, quakes.globalincidentmap.com
Editor: The data no longer shows on USGS site...
3 Texas schools close due to Ebola concerns
10/17/2014, yourhoustonnews.com
...temporarily closed three of its campuses after a family of four, including two students from the district, traveled on the same flight as a nurse who has since been diagnosed with Ebola. ...expects to reopen the schools on Monday. Campuses and some school buses were disinfected on Thursday by the same decontamination firm that cleaned Texas Health Presbyterian
Ebola scare at the Pentagon: Woman vomiting leads to closed entrance, parking area
10/17/2014, washingtonpost.com
...she had recently returned from Africa vomited outside the Pentagon on Friday, prompting police to close a parking lot and entrance amid concerns about the spread of the Ebola virus.
Eight New York hospitals designated to treat Ebola cases
10/17/2014, reuters.com
In addition to the unannounced drills at hospitals, New York will expand the tests to college campuses, subways and mass transit areas.
Cuomo ramps up Ebola prep, urges calm
10/17/2014, capitalnewyork.com
...the subway drills, also using actors, are designed to better prepare transit workers for the possibility an infected patient becoming ill on the subway. ...Asked what practical steps New Yorkers could take to protect themselves, Zucker urged New Yorkers to get their flu shot. The flu, also a virus, can cause fever and stomach pains, the same early symptoms of Ebola. It would help health officials if they could quickly eliminate that as a possibility if someone walks in to an emergency room with those symptoms.
Editor: Many people who get the flu shot actually get the flu and symptoms!!! Do not get the flu shot. This may also be a transition step to get people used to mass 'vaccination'. The creation of increased flu symptoms is only going to clog the system up royally...
Cruise Passenger with Ebola Symptoms Denied Entry to Belize
10/17/2014, worldmaritimenews.com
...the U.S. Government has confirmed one of the cruise passengers to have very mild Ebola symptoms. ...The Belize Coast Guard is currently preventing anyone from leaving the ship, including the Belizean pilot on board.
Editor: Related: Worker who may have handled Ebola specimen on cruise
Hamas leader urges Muslims to defend Jerusalem shrine from ‘Israeli seizure’
10/17/2014, reuters.com
Palestinians, fearing Israel planned to restrict access to the site for Muslims, clashed with Israeli police there earlier this week when security forces arrived for what a police spokesman said was an attempt to stop them from "staging a riot and disrupting visits".
Putin warns U.S. spat over Ukraine threatens global stability
10/16/2014, reuters.com
"We hope that our partners will realise the recklessness of attempts to blackmail Russia, will remember the risks that a spat between major nuclear powers incurs for strategic stability,"
The Idiotic Explanation Why The “Idiot With The Clipboard” Was Unprotected
10/16/2014, zerohedge.com
...seen in close proximity to Dallas Ebola patient Amber Vinson (while the rest of the members of staff are fully protected) was unprotected...
U.S. Army warns of potential ‘airborne’ Ebola
10/16/2014, wnd.com
While Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization officials continue to insist Ebola cannot be transmitted by air from one person to another, an Army manual clearly warns the virus could be an airborne threat in certain circumstances. The handbook published by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, USAMRID, titled “USAMRID’s Medical Management of Biological Casualties Handbook,” is now in its seventh edition.
Countries issue travel bans on Ebola-stricken nations
10/16/2014, cbsnews.com
The Colombian government in South America later announced it would bar entry by anyone who has traveled to five African nations within the preceding four weeks.
Obama approves reservists for Ebola fight, govt under fire
10/16/2014, in.reuters.com
...in West Africa on Thursday, as lawmakers criticized his administration's efforts to contain the disease at home. ...News that one of the nurses, Amber Vinson, traveled aboard a commercial airliner while running a slight fever ratcheted up public health concerns on Wednesday, prompting several schools in Ohio and Texas to close because people with ties to the schools shared the flight with Vinson.
Editor: Be prepared for an increasing number if disruptions...
Ohio steps up Ebola protective measures after Amber Vinson visit
10/16/2014, msnbc.com
The Ohio Department of Health issued new Ebola quarantine protocols for local health departments that go beyond those issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ...Two schools in the Cleveland area were also closed because of the disease: A teacher at one school was “suspected of having contact with an affected person,” and the teacher at another school was on a different flight “but perhaps the same aircraft” as Vinson.
Dallas County May Declare State of Disaster From Ebola Virus
10/16/2014, bloomberg.com
The county “has the potential to suffer widespread or severe damage, injury, loss or threat of life resulting from the Ebola virus,” according to a proposed draft of the declaration.
Ebola Concerns: Statement From CDC and Frontier Airlines on Flight 1143
10/15/2014, blogs.wsj.com
Frontier responded immediately upon notification from the CDC by removing the aircraft from service and is working closely with CDC to identify and contact customers who may traveled on flight 1143.
Editor: As I have said from the beginning, I am more worried about the ramifications and ripple effects from the ebola reactions. Notice the increasing disruptions...
Houston Seeks Review of Pastors’ Sermons After Lawsuit Filed Over ‘Bathroom Bill’ Initiative
10/15/2014, christiannews.net
...in response to the lawsuit, attorneys for the City of Houston have subpoenaed several area pastors not a party to the lawsuit, and have issued discovery requests demanding copies of their sermons, as well as other communications, to see if they have ever spoken against the city or the ordinance.
Ebola Test Is Positive in Second Texas Health Worker
10/15/2014, nytimes.com
A second case of Ebola among the nearly 100 doctors, nurses and assistants who helped treat Mr. Duncan for 10 days at Presbyterian was not unexpected.
Second health worker infected with Ebola flew the day before reporting symptoms
10/15/2014, washingtonpost.com
A second Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital worker who tested positive for Ebola flew on a commercial flight from Cleveland to Dallas on Monday, the day before she reported symptoms of the virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. ...did not exhibit any symptoms while on the flight ...accused the hospital of sending contaminated lab specimens from Duncan through the same hospital tube system used for all patients, rather than specially sealing or hand delivering them.
Creep in 4 faults means big quake may be poised to hit
10/14/2014, sfgate.com
“The extent of fault creep controls the size and timing of large earthquakes, and measuring that creep rate helps tell us how much strain is building up on the faults underground — although it can’t tell us when a fault will rupture in a quake,” said geophysicist James J. Lienkaemper of the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, who led the study.
A comet is about to come very close to Mars, and NASA is ready
10/14/2014, latimes.com
...comet the size of a mountain will come within 87,000 miles of Mars on Oct. 19 ...comet C/2013 A1, also known as comet Siding Spring ...Scientists estimate that its nucleus is between half a mile and 5 miles wide.
Editor: Related: Comet Siding Spring’s close encounter with Mars - "Passing at a distance of only 87,000 miles – that’s little more than 1/3 the distance between Earth and our moon – it’ll be a near miss of the Red Planet."
RNs Call for Highest Standards for Protective Equipment, including Hazmat Suits, Training
10/14/2014, nationalnursesunited.org
NNU will host a national call-in conference call Wednesday with nurses across the U.S. to discuss concerns about U.S. hospital readiness for Ebola. “Our call was set before today’s announcement based on steady reports from nurses at multiple hospitals who are alarmed at the inadequate preparation they see at their hospitals. The time to act is long overdue,”
Magnitude 7.3 Earthquake Near El Salvador Kills 1 Person
10/14/2014, bloomberg.com
Electricity was knocked out in parts of San Salvador by the quake, which was felt in Guatemala City and as far away as San Jose, Costa Rica. The quake was preceded by a 4.5 magnitude temblor near the Costa Rican coast, according to the USGS. “There are no reports of major damage”...


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